The Keys to Flamenco Guitar ~ Volume I  - New Edition Available From Mel Bay Publications

The Keys to Flamenco Guitar – Volume I

Introduction, Table of Symbols

Chapter 1 – Compás and Rasgueado
Lesson One: Rasgueado with the Index Finger with examples por Farruca, por Soleares, por Alegrías and por Tangos.
Lesson Two: Five Stroke Rasgueado with examples por Farruca, por Tangos, por Soleares and por Alegrías.
The Llamada
Compás Sequence por Soleares
Compás Sequence por Alegrías

Chapter 2 – The Falseta
Lesson Three: Thumb Falsetas with examples por Soleares, por Alegrías, por Tangos
Compás Sequence por Tangos
Lesson Four: Arpegio Falsteas por Soleares, Escobillas por Alegrías, por Farruca and por Soleares
Flamenco Guitar Solos: Solo por Soleares, Solo por Farruca and Solo por Alegrías

Chapter 3 – Compás and Golpe
Golpe, Lesson Five: Bulerías
Lesson Six: Thumb Strokes with Golpe, Verdiales, Alzapua and Tientos
Lesson Seven: Index Downstrokes with Golpe (ex. por Farruca, Soleares) , Rosas
Compás Sequence por Bulerías

Chapter 4 – Siguiriyas
Lesson Eight: Siguiriyas Compás
Lesson Nine: Siguiriyas Falsetas
Solo por Siguiriyas

Chapter 5 – Picado
Lesson Ten: Developing Picado Technique
Lesson Eleven: Picado Falsetas

Chapter 6 – Concert Flamenco Guitar
Lesson Twelve: Developing Bulerías Falsetas
Concert Solo por Bulerías

Appendix A: Hemiola and Flamenco
Appendix B: The Phrygian Mode and Flamenco
Index of Forms

Volume III is now back in print! This new edition includes the CD Flamenco Clásico.

The Keys to Flamenco Guitar – Volume III
Concert Solos For Flamenco Guitar
Includes the CD Flamenco Clásico

The Masters of Concert Flamenco
The Structure and Style of Concert Flamenco Solos
A Note to Classical Guitarists
Table of Symbols

In the Style of Sabicas

In the Style of Ramón Montoya

In the Style of Niño Ricardo

In the Style of Sabicas and Mario Escudero

In the Style of Sabicas and Mario Escudero

In the Style of Sabicas

Danza Mora
In the Style of Esteban de Sanlúcar

Homenaje a Carmen Amaya

Homenaje a Sabicas

Volume II, Advanced Flamenco Guitar is currently out of print.  The new edition will be made available in 2016.

The Keys to Flamenco Guitar – Volume II

Introduction, Table of Symbols

Chapter 1 – Refining Rasgueado Technique

Chapter 2 – The Copla
Lesson One: Fandangos de Huelva
Lesson Two: Fandangos Coplas
Lesson Three: Sevillanas
Lesson Four: Verdiales

Chapter 3 – Virtuoso Falsetas and the Toque Libre
Lesson Five: Advanced Arpegio and Ligado Falsetas
Lesson Six: The Development of Virtuoso Variations
Lesson Seven: Individual Viewpoints
Lesson Eight: Fandangos Grandes and the Toque Libre
Solo por Tarantas

Chapter 4 – Tremolo
Lesson Nine: Tremolo Technique
Lesson Ten: Tremolo Falsetas
Lesson Eleven: Tremolo in Other Contexts
Solo por Granadinas

Chapter 5 – Advanced Alzapua
Lesson Twelve: Alzapua Falsetas
Lesson Thirteen: Alternative Uses of Alzapua Technique

Chapter 6 – Advanced Rasgueado Technique
Lesson Fourteen: The Thumb in Rasgueado
Lesson Fifteen: Continuous Rasgueados
Lesson Sixteen: Triplet Rasgueados
Lesson Seventeen: Multiple Rasgueados

Chapter 7: Creating Flamenco Solos
Solo por Alegrías
Solo por Soleares
Creating Your Own Solos

Introduction to Part III: Concert Flamenco Solos
Solo Fandangos de Dos Generaciones

Dennis Koster

Flamenco Clįsico

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